The 2012 election cycle saw a concerted effort by far-right extremists to suppress the vote through unlawful purges of voter rolls, voter ID laws and intimidation tactics.  Although Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler decided to halt efforts to purge the state's rolls of registered voters, there is no guarantee that these efforts won't continue.  The substantial discretion given to local elections officials leaves room for manipulation of purges and other tactics to suppress certain votes, or votes cast by politically under-represented citizens.  

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After the election, the attacks have not stopped.  Several states have argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that portions of the Voting Rights Act should be suspended, and others are considering rigging the electoral-college to ensure that their selected candidates are guaranteed a win.

Nothing is more fundamental to our democracy than the right to participate in our elections.  It is crucial that we protect the right to vote for every eligible citizen.  Contact Secretary Gessler and Attorney General Holder today and urge them to Protect the Vote and stop voter suppression efforts in Colorado around the country!

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